Hardwood Flooring Installation

Buy enough material

Be sure to add enough extra hardwood for waste and

cutting. Buy 5% more for a regular install and 10%

more for installation of boards set at 45 degrees.



Installation Tip

Save another trip to your retailer buy

enough extra product and keep the

balance if any for a furture date.


1Acclimate material

All hardwood should be put in the house where it is to

be installed 3 to 5 days prior to installation.



Installation Tip

In new home construction, wait 60-90

days after move in date before, if you

are building a new home let the

foundation settle for 60 days before

installation of any hardwood product

call theheading.


1Prepare Sub Floor

Check that the sub floor is level and for squeaks shim

between sub floor and joist to get rid or low spots and

belt sand any high spots. Remove baseboards. Screw

down sub floor.



Installation Tip

For homes with chipboard sub floors,

add a minimum of 3/8" plywood

underlayment on top of the chipboard.

1Determine layout and starting point

Check room for squareness and establish starting

row next to square wall. Install hardwood across

floor joist.



Installation Tip

Use the outside wall of the room as a

reference, it’s usually the straightest

wall in the house!

1Get necessary tools

Chalk line & nail set, tape measure, floor nailer,

power drill, table saw, back saw/door jam cutter,

safety glasses& dust masks



Installation Tip

Buy new tools

1The final rows?

When there is no space to use the floor nailer,

predrill last few rows on tongue at 45 angle and

nail by hand.(see nailing 2nd row.) Rip last boards

to fit leaving 1/2” gap from wall. Pre-drill, top-nail

and nail set last row. Fill nail holes with putty. Cut

any door jams and fit floor Underneath. Install any

required reducers at door thresholds.



Installation Tip

Cover puttied holes with a coat of

polyeurathane using a small fine tip

touch up brush!

1Finishing trim

Re-install baseboards and quarter-round and fill any

nail holes with appropriate colour of putty filler.



Installation Tip

If you are installing quarter round,

nail them to the baseboards not to

the floor!


Sweep or vacuum any dust and pick up any stray

nails that can scratch your new floor. Place felt pads

underneath furniture and carefully move back

furniture by lifting it into place. Clean your floor

on a regular basis.



Installation Tip

Use safe for hardwood floor cleaner



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